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The legal system can be frustrating and intimidating. Whether you are considering a divorce or need to resolve other important family law issues, it is important that you consult an attorney who understands not only the law, but also the divorce process.

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At the Law Office of Thomas Wilson, P.C., our Tucson family law attorneys have more than 40 combined years of experience handling complex divorce matters, including custody, protective orders and military divorces. We dedicate necessary time, talent and resources to each case to help you achieve your goals.

Collaborative Law Advocates

Our Arizona law firm represents men and women facing difficult legal issues. We understand the lasting emotional and financial hardships you may be facing, and we strive to minimize your exposure during the divorce process. As dedicated family law attorneys, we also understand how litigation and trial can eat away at income and resources.

Collaborative law and mediation are strategies that can help you resolve complicated matters without court intervention. With mediation and collaboration, you are able to:

  • Take control of your situation
  • Add certainty to uncertain times
  • Minimize costs
  • Focus on the best interests of the children

Our experienced attorneys can help guide you through what can be a complicated legal system. When both parties can come together and create an agreement through negotiation, mediation or collaborative law, the court typically approves the agreement.

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Aggressive Representation

Our legal team understands that some matters require court intervention. We provide aggressive litigation and trial representation for those situations. If the other party is going through alcohol or drug addiction or is being abusive, we will take appropriate action. We are committed to protecting your rights and the best interests of the children. We evaluate all cases thoroughly to determine the best course of action.

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